Broken/ stuck aperture after ML crash

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arjtomsbodyguard created an issue


3 days ago i was filming in Raw on my 60D until i got a Crash Log (see end of Description).

After the crash i just restarted my camera and it worked fine. But I realized my lens made a clicking sound whenever I changed the aperture. Didnt think it was serious until the clicking got louder and eventually my lens aperture started skipping stops and jumped back and forth. Now it's just stuck at 2.8. I thought it was the lens and thought I'll just send it in to get checked. But yesterday I heard that same clicking sound when changing aperture with another lens on the same camera. That got me a little worried and I havent found anything on the internet about it.

Maybe it's connected with ML, I have no idea. Has anyone come across a similar problem? Would appreciate any help or advice.


[2] ?: NULL PTR (0,e1a00000) pc=ff06eb58 lr= 3280047 stack=10acb8+0x280 entry=1fe00040(0) e1a00000 e59ff005 e59ff014 e59ff014 e59ff014 e1a00000 e59ff010 e59ff010

Magic Lantern version : Nightly.2016Apr28.60D111 Mercurial changeset : 8028ea4b9660 (unified) tip Built on 2016-04-27 22:14:40 UTC by Free Memory : 389K + 1747K

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  1. Walter Schulz

    Remove card, remove battery. Format card in cardreader. Insert card and battery. Retry and report.

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