digitally modified ISO setting should have own colour code.

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Vobla Unsane created an issue

ML digital ISO is a sneaky dangerous setting and should be indicated, I suggest pink as that's what it does to the highlights.

eg.: in the given example ISO100 - 0.5EV, hence it turns pink.


Or perhaps only ISO could turn pink, so when we set ISO3200 - 2ev, "ISO" would turn pink and "800" would be amber, a beautiful colour palette to remind user of pink and noisy results they shall receive with such settings.


eww.. indeed it does look ugly as hell, but if anything, I believe you will agree it's simply wrong to have ISO3200-2EV represented casually as ISO800 in white..


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  1. Walter Schulz

    ML bars are designed to minimize distraction. This contradicts your proposal and - if you ask me - I would decline it.

  2. Vobla Unsane reporter

    Well ISO turns amber when set high, as well as battery, which also blinks when red.. temp indicator also turns amber and red(?) Most saliently though, audio meters jump like crazy all the time, but it never seemed to distract me as I run and gun..

    Thanks for your feedback, would love to hear more opinions and ideas.

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