Canon 70d ML flickers on and off.

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Miguel Nova created an issue

Hi. I just downloaded and installed ML on my Canon 70d but the ML menu doesn't stop flickering on the flip out screen. The software works as it should but the flickering is the only issue. It stays on the ML menu but turns on and off repeatedly. I unistalled it and re-installed but it still does it.

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  1. Miguel Nova reporter

    I was trying to upload a video but it was taking too long to upload. I wil try again tomorrow but from reading the reply in depth, thats the same issue. Question.... When you say the viewfinder cant handle ML, you mean i need a separate montior for the camera in order to use it without flickering?

  2. Miguel Nova reporter

    Lol! Sorry I just had the viewfinder word in my head but I meant the flip out screen lol.

  3. David Milligan

    Interesting. On the EOSM this doesn't happen when the dialog times out (Canon doesn't draw over ML), but the "original fix" did (the one already in the ML source that was commented out with a macro). I removed a call to bmp_off() and start_redraw_flood() to get it to work without the ML menu temporarily disapearing.

  4. nikfreak

    I can confirm this is how it works for 70D from the beginning (the time your PR appeared). Still better than being closed though

  5. Miguel Nova reporter

    Definitely agree is better than being closed. Also, i get "err" a lot when i press the shutter button. I need to remove the battery and restart it. Dont know if this is a common issue too.

  6. ryphat ken

    Hello I'm having the same problem with my 70d and ML flickering back and forth in the LCD display I also update the canon firmware to 1.1.2 and used the newest build any help or ideas

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