Tearing on 7D Raw 5x cropped recorded videos

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Hi its Nutsy from the forum...

Nightly build May 16th 2016 7D 203. Was also in previous version as well.

Horizontal tear, never vertical. (i presume because of the way data is scanned) Get horizontal tearing where the upper part of the image tear seems to be stuck with the previous frame data.

The tear can happen at any line and doesn't seem to have a pattern to its location. Only that it is about 1 per second sometimes 2.

Using the MLV_raw module.

Different resolutions and different frames rates don't seem to make a difference.

Could this be something to do with the frame rate rolling shutter over ride? (i tend to leave the rolling shutter and advanced settings alone there an only change frame rate)

Does seem to only happen when I'm using the LV tweaks for correct framing. Greyed or hacked.

if i stay in canon mode seems to record without tearing, But of course i cant tell if I'm correctly framed.

Im unable to show a screen shot of my settings screen as i only have one camera... 9no smart phone at the moment)

Any ideas how to fix?

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