5D MK II wrong layout on external monitor

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There is a bug using the latest magiclantern-Nightly.2016Jun13.5D2212.zip Built on: 2016-06-13 01:10:00 +0300 Changeset: 90fe6de

when I use the cameras LCD all are fine. when I connect the external monitor the image get cropped !!!! from the right side of the frame and all modes of screen layout keep the ml information in the frame, either I use in advanced settings : Bottom,under 3:2 - Bottom,under 16:9 - 4:3 display,auto - 16:9 HDMI,t/b - 16:10 HDMI,t/b. Older version of Ml didn't have this problem.

I include photos from the monitor, to avoid wrong frame viewing I must turn to CANON layout . Is there a possibility to fix this bug?

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  1. Alex

    I'm not sure what do you mean by "cropped !!!! from the right side of the frame" - all I see is ML info bars overlapping, which should be easy to fix.

    Unfortunately I'm not able to fix this in the next few weeks (maybe more), so it's best if you (or anyone else interested in this feature) could give it a try. I expect most other cameras to behave in the same way on the external monitor.


    Alex thank you for the response, I must make it more clear,

    when shooting normal, no RAW. and connect ext. monitor via HDMI, the settings in the ML menu are: Display>Advanced Settings>Bottom,under 3/2, and the Force HDMI > ON. 1st pic: (DSC_001.JPG then the correct frame look like: 3rd pic: (DSC_003.JPG but if I use the ML layout, the frame get cropped from the right side, 2nd pic: (DSC_002.JPG

    When I deselect the Force HDMI 4rth pic: (DSC_004.JPG then I get cropped the frame from the top side and the information box comes in to the frame from the bottom side. 5th pic: (DSC_005.JPG should be look like this : 6th pic: (DSC_006.JPG I don't know if I am clear I hope this help you understanding the issue. Thanks in advance. (any way I use an older version to avoid this bug, the : magiclantern-5Dc.111.Beta4 if this help.)

  3. Alex

    May I ask you for two more screenshots, similar to pictures 2 and 5, at the same INFO display setting, but with Global Draw turned off? (or without ML; the result should be the same.)

    I remember Canon code actually enlarges the image on the external monitor when turning off all the overlays, but can't verify it right now.


    Alex, thank you for your support, right now I cannot grab any screen shot. Tomorrow morning I'll send you. Regards.


    Hello Alex, as you said, at the same INFO display setting, but with Global Draw turned off? (or without ML; the result is the same.) The next 2 pics:



    and using the Clear overlays> Always. is working ok , the 3 pics showing the menu - the standby - the rec (this with the finger)




    Yes, Canon code actually enlarges the image on the external monitor when turning off all the overlays. This is because the original aspect of the sensor is 3:2 . This is the frame when you working on photo mode. When you work in video mode the sensor get cropped to 16:9 It would be better (my suggestion is this..) to avoid using any black frame or white line as those are boarding now the exist ML frame. Can it be transparent as this from Canon ? Then everybody who want to use cropmks can do it by his own creation. Consider that when the ext monitor is recurred then the: Force HDMI must be on If not then Canon want to downscale the HDMI signal from 1080 (when you are at standby mode) to 480 (when you push the rec) this generates a gap of 6 to 10 seconds lost image !!!! annoying ......
    This is a grade setting you have made! Thanks in advance.


    Hi again, after trying certain things I discover that using a custom cropmark, the problem solved, as soon as I use the: > cropmarks >on

    This is the frame for the cropmark:

    2_similaar copy.jpg

    Those are 3 pics :




    problem solved!!

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