Screenshots should use a more recognizable filename and path

Issue #2566 wontfix
easyaspi314 created an issue

Currently, screenshots are named VRAM0.PPM which is not very easy to recognize. They are also placed on the root of the SD card, which can get cluttered.

We should name it Screenshot-20160708-21:33:04.ppm or something like that. And it should go in /Screenshots for clarity. And so everything is neatly organized in folders.

This is just a preference, and that is why I set it to trivial.

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  1. Alex

    Not all cameras support long file names, so for me it's not worth the effort (but don't let this stop you from trying to implement it).

  2. easyaspi314 reporter

    Just out of curiosity, what is the filename limit on most cameras? 6?

    How about SCR00.PPM SCR01.PPM...

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