Mic Power is grayed out. No External Audio 5DMKII.

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Hi, I installed the latest MLV nightly build to my olden 5D MK II. .Everything seems to be working fine but the external audio. Mic Power is grayed out. It won't turn on as in my 7D. When I connect any of my mics, shotgun, lavalier, or recorder, i just get golden silence in any input source choice - the internal mic works, but the external wont.work - All my mics work fine when are connected to camera without MLV. I also tested it loading the MLV modules at not avail.

I would appreciate any advice to be able to record using external stereo or L:int -R :ext Thank you in advance.

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  1. Alex

    "It won't turn on as in my 7D" -> I highly doubt that, as both cameras use exactly the same audio code. As long as you have identical settings on both cameras, the graying out should behave exactly the same (and you should be able to read the reason for graying out at the bottom of the screen).

    Does the external mic work in H.264 with ML loaded?

  2. George Leon

    Alex, thank you for responding. After more external audio tests, I concluded the issue is not ML but the 5DMKII mic port. Thanks!

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