Wheel on 550D doesn't work

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andrea created an issue

Hi, I've installed and used succesfully magic lantern on my 550D, after few months of use I did a bad exit of the sd card when the camera was on... After that the wheel (that controls aperture, shutter ... ) on my 550 has stopped working even the one on the battery grip...

Any solution? Thank you

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  1. Alex

    You can use the attached autoexec.bin to check the button codes from bootloader - if they are not working, it's most likely a hardware issue.

    This is an older experiment of mine, and I didn't test it on a real camera right now, so it may be best if somebody could check it on a working camera (should work on all DIGIC 4 models).

  2. Walter Schulz

    Remove battery, remove ML enabled card. Insert SD-card into cardreader. Rename Autoexec.bin to Autoexec.org. Copy attached autoexec.bin to card. Insert card into cam. Insert battery. Close both compartment doors. Don't power on your cam. Report results.

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