ML menue disappears on 5D Mark3

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Ghinwa Daher created an issue

On 5D Mark3 firmware 1.2.3, Magic lantern menue keeps disappearing after installing when turning the camera off and on again. Tried changing cards, upgrading and downgrading nightly build, same problem.

We start shooting tomorrow and one of the cameras has this problem. What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Ghinwa Daher reporter

    The whole software disappears, as if it wasn't installed in the first place - the menue doesn't appear when you click on the trash bin button

  2. Walter Schulz

    Please confirm this is the workflow you are using and those issues came up:

    1. You have a card prepared for ML and running in other cams without problems. Reboot and all. Correct?
    2. If you insert this card into your troublemaker and startup cam you are able to use ML.
    3. You stop shooting/recording, wait for some time and turn the cam's power switch to off. Now you wait some time (5-10 seconds) and restart your cam. - Cam will startup but ML will not load. You have plain Canon menu and are allowed to shoot H.264 movies.

    Q: After 3) happened: Did you try to run this card in another camera? What happens there? What are the contents of the card. Are FIR, autoexec.bin and ML directory in card's root directory or not?

  3. Ghinwa Daher reporter

    The colleague with this camera issue is on his flight to go shoot - we haven't run the card on another camera - can you suggest anything if the problem remains the same in both cases?

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