70D And ML Video Menu Flickering

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John Weber created an issue

With latest build Beta-3c / April 23rd the auto menu restart that's implemented to try and help the flicker situation but I find it just as annoying. The screen going on and off continuously of which also includes the Image Quality menu where you select RAW / MRAW / JPEG L / M / S1... is visible at times has become intolerable to the point that I deleted ML all together. I can only hope that someone will terminate this problem soon.

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  1. nikfreak

    You got the option to close the menu yourself before the timer bumps in. That should suit your needs. You just need to be fast enough for it. Before the "auto menu restart" was implemented you had to re-open the menu manually which was really annoying being thrown out of the menu and start from scratch. I agree that this needs a proper fix but it doesn't seem easy. Maybe we can find a solution and send some MPU communication to magically "reset" the secret timer. Please continue discussion on the main issue #1974

  2. John Weber reporter

    nikfreak, I know we have the option to to close the menu before the the timer starts but sometimes the user needs to make adjustments before leaving out of the menu then here comes the flickering restarts. Auto menu restart is helpful because the user doesn't have to physically make the menu come back up but it's still aggravating with the continuous restarts. This problem isn't at all at fault with Magic Lantern, we have Canon to thank for this problem. Magic Lantern is a wonderful tool not to mention being free and nobody including myself can make any demands from it's developers. In fact some may not know this but ML was in development since the days of Minolta cameras which was years ago. I think perhaps the answer is to not look for a way to make the cameras stop doing this but give a time limit option inside ML before it will close out then let the camera go into live view mode if that is possible but still we would still have to halt the cameras timer.

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