T3i bricked, wont turn on, no LED

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Kody Kitchin created an issue

I've been using Magic lantern for a while now, without too many issues, just the other night though i was photographing a rodeo (for my own leisure thank goodness). i accidentally popped open the card door on the camera while doing this, when i closed it again the camera came up with a error saying that it couldn't read or access my card, so i turned off the camera, well now it wont start, the Led wont blink at all, I've tried pulling the battery, using different cards, i reformatted my card and put ML on it and tried that. its as if the camera has no power. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Václav Poskočil

    Check your camera's card door. The door has a pin, which pushes the switch when closing. If switch is not pressed, camera behaves this way (power off, no led). canon eos 600D card door micro-switch.PNG

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