Custom (timestamp) filenames for images

Issue #2585 wontfix
Nagy Attila created an issue

It would be awesome if the saved file's names could be set to something more meaningful. The best would be to be able to create file names based on the current time-stamp (maybe up to millisecond precision to account for continuous shots within one second, but this could be solved with a simple postfix counter as well). If I may dream awak then a configurable filename prefix would be the pinnacle, so one could set up things to have filenames like: Tylla_20160801_223811_2.jpg or Tylla_20160801_22381102.cr2 or

Never more filename conflicts! :)

I don't know to which component this feature belongs, so feel free to categorize it as needed.

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  1. Alex

    Currently we know how to change the file prefix, so turning that one into a counter should help.

    Changing the image counter (last 4 digits) is tricky (works, but requires restart).

    However, your request can be implemented in post-processing, based on EXIF info.

  2. Nagy Attila reporter

    Yes, that's what I'm doing right now with Exiftool. Nevertheless it would be awesome to have this little help, one could get rid of one mass rename operation each time. So maybe if it's not a big thing, you should consider it...

  3. Alex

    As explained before, we don't know how to change the last 4 digits without restart (and even so, it doesn't work from the first try).

  4. Nagy Attila reporter

    Ahh, you mean a restart is needed every time you change the counter? Pfff ;-) So the format of the file name is really restricted (ABCD1234 or is it ABC_1234)!?

    Is the prefix change already implemented?

  5. Nagy Attila reporter

    Thanks for the information. Yes, I would give it a try if you could include it.

    BTW why is it off the default build? Are there any issues, or simply lacks enough tests? (I tried to search for more information but besides some pull request I couldn't find anything useful)

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