Snap Simulation not working 550D

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Tobias Langer created an issue

I wanted to programm some EMF-AF-Chips while saving shutter-actuations and got on the following issue: Snap Simulation doesn't work as intended, always takes a picture with shutter and mirror-release with every shutterbutton actuation, with the option snap simulation on (Blink&Beep) or off there is no change.

Camera 550D ML-Version: Nightly.2016Feb28.550D109

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  1. Alex

    This feature doesn't intercept the shutter button; it's only meant for testing ML features such as bracketing or focus stacking.

  2. Tobias Langer reporter

    Thanks for clearing that up. If it works with Focus Stacking does it send the respective commands (aperture open/close etc. ) to the lens or is it really only camera internal? It might still work if it does that. If so is there further documentation available of how to use it?

  3. Alex

    It doesn't touch the aperture; it simply shows an "animation" instead of taking a picture.

    The DOF preview button might be helpful for your issue.

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