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Tony_Stephenson created an issue

Using ML for time-lapse stills. 1 second interval causes every 3rd frame to "Miss", i.e.. not to fire the shutter. Resulting pattern is 2 x frames shot, 1 x frame missed, 2 x frames shot etc. I've uninstalled ML, and reinstalled, but same problem is showing up.

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  1. Tony_Stephenson reporter

    Hi. I'm using the nightly build - can't provide a date at the moment, as ML doesn't return to the opening screen on start-up. Many thanks.

  2. Alex

    1 second is a bit too tight. It works fine here on smallest JPEG, image review off, on a SD card; for larger image sizes, it's worth trying a fast CF card.

  3. Tony_Stephenson reporter

    Hi Alex. Many thanks for the response. I'm kind of new to ML, so finding my way around. I'm trying to achieve a stock of 4K clips, so medium RAW shooting is now my minimum. CF card is Sandisk 64 GB 120 MB/s.

    The 2 sec interval between shots (plus all others) work OK. Does this suggest that the 2 sec interval will be the limit for now? If i use a tilt-shift lens and high (30 fps) frame rate in rendering, the dropped frame from shooting every second isn't noticeable in the final clip.

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