60D Err 70 Brick

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Hello A1ex!

So I read your solutions on the forum about unbricking a 60d with err 70 (http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=4105.0), and I'm still having a similar issue.

I was shooting two days ago when it began to rain hard. I put my camera in my bag, and when I got home later, my bag was soaked, but the camera was okay.

Yesterday I tried to power it on, and it wouldn't turn on, so I assumed it was the batteries. It is a used 60D, so I wasn't too concerned. After charging the batteries, I put in one to boot up, but I started getting err70.

I did not have an ML SD card at the time, and my camera would only boot into C mode for a bit. Soon it stopped booting like that, and now I have to try to boot into CA first (which always fails), then reboot into C mode to get the camera to power on. I tried to format the card, which did nothing. I tried to update from FW 1.1.1. to 1.1.1. again, but that also did nothing. Just today I got ML 2.3 for the 60D 1.1.1. on my SD card, booted and installed it without issues, but when I tried to boot up the camera again, I had the same err 70. I still have to boot into CA, and then into C.

I can't clear camera settings from C, and I was hoping you could read my error log to determine what the issue is or provide me with something to disable the assert?

please and thanks.

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