Magic Lanter 2016 08 24 update - for Canon 5dmkIII 123

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I downloaded latest firmware from

I set it to silent mode FULL Res DNG and I get error about LUV. It does not save the pic. Maybe be an overlay issue? In a nutshell I cannot take Silent full DNG pics. I can in the previous 2015 version

If I set to Simple or other options it works but not for FULL RES , DNG

cheers Denis

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  1. denis

    Apologies, the error is "Raw error, falling back to YUV overlays."

    In the ML forum I also asked if its possible to switch on the -"Re: Flash Tweak for Canon 5dmkIII" and you stated the following:

    "well, there are quite a few users who can compile ML, so I hope(d) one of them would help you. It's a very simple change, no programming skills needed, so I'm going to let the ML community help with this one. That way, I can focus on the more difficult stuff, with fewer interruptions."

    Are you able to advise if this has been enabled in this latest version as I would like to test the flash on this camera for the Silent mode, Full Res DNG, half press to see if it works.

    thanks Denis

  2. Licaon Kter

    I get "Raw error, falling back to YUV overlays." on EOS M too, say after taking a picture with preview, I'll get that text in the lower left side of the screen when previewing it.

  3. denis

    Yes its set to RAW, every settings is the same in camera and ML on the prev version and it works. and when on the new version with same settings I get the error "Raw error, falling back to YUV overlays"

  4. denis

    ok i found debug but not sure what I am supposed to do. attached are some phone shots. please excuse my lack of knowledge photo 4.JPG photo 5a (1).JPG.JPG) photo 5a (2).JPG.JPG) photo 5a (4).JPG.JPG)

  5. denis

    i just uploaded another, not sure why its not coming thru. Do youphoto 5a (1).JPG.JPG) have an email address? mine is

  6. denis

    Main Builds » 5D Mark III 1.2.3 - Latest Build (2016-10-09 10:17) 1. The problem is still there "Raw error, falling back to YUV overlays." 2. Also is it possible to enable Flash Tweak for 5D Mark III?

  7. Alex

    Can you upload a full-res silent DNG from the old version, taken at the same settings that would fail in the new one?

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