60Da won't power on

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Mike Phillips created an issue

Previously using ML the red LED came on solid when powered up but no displays did. I removed the config file per someone's suggestion and it wouldn't power up and the LED stays off. I've have now reformatted the SD card and added the canon and ML firmware but still dark and no led. I have replaced the SD card with fresh from store package, unformatted and untouched and still now power to led or display. What can be done to fix my issue?

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  1. Mike Phillips reporter

    Same, the presence of the card seems to do nothing. Also I read the backup battery on the 60Da series is buried inside. Why would the red LED light up in one scendario but not another? I've since put the Canon firmware 1.1.1 and ML nightly .2016Sep16.60D111. onto the sd card as well.

  2. Mike Phillips reporter

    Still nothing powers on. I put a call into Canon and it seems that removing the battery and holding down the shutter for 20+s WHILE the power switch is on, can wipe the internal capacitor. After this and the ML portable display test failed, I suspect it's a hardware issue. Thanks for the support!

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