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Nick Maverick created an issue

Hi, just upgraded to Canon 1.1.6 with and went for timelapse shooting using Silent Images. I have the following notes gathered together as requests for future development.

1) Full Sized DNGs have no EXIF data, specifically No date-time, aperture, ISO, WB value, Shutter Speed, wrong Dimensions, Date Taken (I believe all of these can be gathered from the current camera state settings in LiveView). Without White Balance and ISO data I cannot apply correct Sharpening.

2) When a DUALISO picture is taken with Silent Picture Full Sized in DNG there are 5 lines at the bottom of the frame that are not blended correctly when I convert the (renamed Dual ISO CR2 to half resolution DNG). I can provide the converter I use or please suggest another one if you feel it's a converter issue. Other Dual ISO images shot with normal procedure and converted in the same way have no issues.

3) I could not use Av or Tv for Timelapse nor Auto ISO with Silent Pictures causing the Light and AutoWB to be inconsistent as the time goes by and I am shooting Blue Hour. A workaround on-the-spot is to set the WB manually and note down on a piece of paper all settings so I know which settings were used (not practical).

4) When using Silent images the LV pre-shooting picture is about 3 stops darker than the exposure shot in Silent Pictures causing the image to be brighter. Shot time is between 15 seconds and 1 second and the LV image is always different in exposure than the image shot. You need trial and error to estimate correctly the exposure.

5) Colors are faded out (can be corrected in Post Processing) and shots are not shown correctly in camera.

6) When using Silent images there's no way to start the exposure without creating camera shake. If a programmable delay was implemented (e.g. 3 seconds) problem would be solved.

7) Silent Images faster that 1 second (I know it had been discussed before, just mentioning it)

8) (Not timelapse related) When a long exposure is taken in Bulb mode in the dark there's not way to see time passing on top LCD or in camera display.

Thank you

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  1. Alex

    2: sample file?

    3: you can use ETTR to some extent

    4a: ExpSim limitation from Canon; FPS override + expo override + expsim should help

    4b: ?!

    5: sample images? (in ufraw I get the same colors as with CR2)

    6: intervalometer

    8: bulb is not implemented for silent pictures (there were some experiments on this); for regular pictures, there is a way (see bulb timer)

  2. Nick Maverick reporter
    1. ?
    2. Sample file attached.
    3. Will try it. 4a=4b. The exposure cannot be estimated, expo override might help.
    4. see sample file. It lacks contrast, but in camera the colors are also faded (Do you need me to take a screenshot and also upload the same DNG image file?)
    5. That might just work!
    6. Not Silent picture related. I just wish I could also see the exposure time elapsed + aperture + iso without the need to turn on any external light (e.g. my phone led) to see what's happening. With bulb timer I used to count the beeps to count the minutes passed. But that's another thing.
  3. Alex

    1: you get some more metadata with MLV format (will look into it, but priority is low for me)

    2: can't reproduce

    cr2hdr 000001036.DNG
    ufraw-batch 000001036.DNG --exposure=7 --shrink=2 --out-type=jpg --wb=auto


    4b: typo, was 5b (bitbucket renames items, that's why I write with : after the number)

    5: jpegs please, I don't know how it looks for you and how you expect it to look like

    5b: yes, in-camera preview is very simple (patches welcome)

    8: under bulb timer, there is an option to turn on the display (just be careful, as the backlight could leak into the picture)

  4. Nick Maverick reporter

    For 1 it would be perfect if we finally had EXIF data. For 2 see uploaded jpg. I also upgraded cr2hdr with same results. For 3 I will try Auto exposure and report back, but WB is awful as evening light changes! For 4 Experimentation needed to find that sweet spot (display is same as exposure) For 5 the camera display seems like a raw image with negative saturation (is really is almost colorless, like Adobe RGB was selected) For 6 It works! For 8 Display stays off during exposure. I need it on with minimal info (e.g. Time elapsed, aperture, ISO and lowest display brightness possible)

  5. Alex

    5 is only about the in-camera preview? I thought it's about the image looking different than a CR2 with the same contents, in your raw processor.

    For 3 I remember an issue about expo override on 6D, and 8 works here on 5D3, so I'm not sure what I can do...

  6. Nick Maverick reporter

    I would appreciate if you can try fixing any of the above requests. Most of them are really important and they are the reason why people find it difficult to even start to understand how DUALISO works (underexpose until the highlights you want to protect are adequately lit). Taking it a step further and combining this with Timelapsing (made possible and useful via Full-Res SilentPictures) is a further improvement but it gets complicated if you also need to manually compensate for exposure and further guesstimate the settings used in order to post process. Don't get me wrong, I was planning on buying a full-electronic shutter camera for timelapse photography and full-Res Silent Pictures and Timelapse options made this possible in my 6D and I appreciate all your work towards this, but it's a bit tricky to use them effectively. Thanks once more for your work

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