Canon 50D menu will not start after installing ML

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I'm new to this forum and ML but the features looks to be really nice!

So I first updated the firmware to 1.0.9 again and then installed ML according the website. The camera is starting just fine but only the top panel LCD screen is working, and not possible to make a picture in any mode. The menu button is not working and not LED lights are blinking. I used different batteries, CF cards (with and without ML) & lenses, all the same.

After installing ML the camera was restarting automatically but the blue and red light were continues on and waiting for 5 minutes but noting happend. Power off didn't do anything only removing the battery did worked but after butting it back I have the start up problems as described above.

I searched the forum but couldn't find someone with the same problem, please help me thanks in advance. Arjan

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