Video "blinks" while recording (5D II)

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Sometimes video "blinks" while recording - one frame becomes a bit more exposed than the others once in a while. Like +1 or +0,5 stop. Not sure about the exact rate but I'd guess that this lighter frame appears something like twice a minute.

Seems like turning off Focus Peaking fixes the problem but didn't test this theory properly. Have been using ML for more than a year with Focus Peaking and never encountered such a problem before.

Attached the short clip where you can see the "blinking frame" closer tho the end of the clip.

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  1. Vlad

    Magic Lantern Nightly.2016Nov10.5D2212 (db7ebc66bfe1 (unified) tip) Built on 2016-11-09 23:09:21 UTC by jenkins@nightly Configuration saved on 2016/11/12 16:09:57

    beta.warn = 12 menu.first = -4 time.indicator = 1 rec.notify = 1 shutter.lock.value = 101 shutter.lock = 1 enable-liveview = 1 movie.restart = 1 battery.drain.rate.rev = 109 audio.mgain = 7 focus.peaking = 1 zoom.overlay = 1 zebra.draw = 0 disp.mode.x = 981 beep.freq.idx = 16

  2. Alex

    With these settings, what is the probability for the blinking frame to appear in one-minute clips?

    (just looking for a way to reproduce the problem)

  3. Vlad

    I just filmed five videos with the strange result.

    1. FP on - blinking frame appeared 5 times during 25 sec (MVI_5089)
    2. FP off - blinked once during 25 sec (MVI_5090)
    3. then i put another CF card with no ML on it and filmed the whole minute with no blinking frame (MVI_5091)
    4. i put the ML-card back and filmed 1 min again with FP off and didn't see any blinking frame (MVI_5092)
    5. FP on, 1 min: blinked at least once, my eyes are very tired now :) (at 0:35, MVI_5093)

    Can send you test videos if you would like to study them more properly

  4. Felicidad

    Ok, i'm new with mágic lantern. Where can I change this setting? I hace the zebra patern off. Thank you for your help.

  5. Felicidad

    Cant find that setting. I don,t have the zebra on. Just focus peaking and mágic zoom. Is there other things I could try. Thank you

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