ML does not work even though I can configure my Canon 6D

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Joachim Müller-Klink created an issue

Hi! Today I have installed the latest version of ML on my Canon 6D. Before that I have downgraded the firmware of the camera to 1.16. The installation process went well. But when I restartet the camera I saw no differences compared to the views that I had before. I was able to open the configuration menue of ML, I could change the values (for example ISO). This affected the camera preferences. But the the view windows through the ocular and in live view are still Canon like. Do you have any advice? Best regards, Joachim Müller-Klink

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  1. Joachim Müller-Klink reporter

    Hello Alex, your advice wasn't very helpful. First because when I press the info butto I get the message "Help files not found". Second because I don't find a hint where to get the help files. Third because I downloaded the complete archive magiclantern-Nightly.2016Nov17.6D116. Fourth because even if I would have the help files I would not know where to find the right answer. So if you would like to help me I would be glad to receive a more detailled advice. Best regards, Joachim Müller-Klink

  2. Alex

    Each menu option has a short help text. If an option is not working for some reason, this help text will usually tell you why.

  3. Joachim Müller-Klink reporter

    Hello Alex, I am not sure if I have explained my trouble precisely enough. This might be the reason why you give explanations that don't help at all. The trouble is that I can't see anything in my camera window from the ML features. No information about ISO, WB, shutter speed, aperture, distance, audio control, focus peaking, Zebra....nothing! Only the Canon info. Even though ML is installed and I have access to the ML configuration menu. Best regards, Joachim

  4. Joachim Müller-Klink reporter

    I find "zebras" in the overlay menu. On the right side I see "RAW RGB". When I push "Q" I find some more options.

  5. Joachim Müller-Klink reporter

    "Will use RAW RGB zebras after taking a pic". I understand. But especially I am interested in focus peaking. On the bottom I read "ON,0.5,global - Show which parts of the image are in focus". Unfortunately I don't see the focus peaking in the view finder.

  6. Joachim Müller-Klink reporter

    I really don't understand what you are meaning to say. When I shot a picture that is overexposed an not in focus I don't see any patterns, whether zebras nor peaking. Not in the view finder, not on the picture.

  7. Joachim Müller-Klink reporter

    Now I am one step ahead. I can see the effects in live view. But not in the view finder.

  8. Joachim Müller-Klink reporter

    For today I want to stop the inquiry. Thanks for your help. Until tommorrow! Joachim

  9. Joachim Müller-Klink reporter

    Dear Alex! After deeper research I found out that my troubles were based on a total misconception. I expected to see the ML features in the view finder. No surprise, I could not see them there! Because what I learned now: ML has been developed only for Live View. And in Live View it works very well. You have been build so many very useful features and I want to say "Congratulations!" Now I will spread the message to all Canon users that I know. Magic Lantern adds a lot of features to Canon cameras. It is really worth for a try. Especially those who use lenses without auto focus can benefit from installing this software! Best regards, Joachim

  10. Alex

    You mean, you expected to see zebra and peaking on the small optical viewfinder?

    They work on the main LCD only, both in LiveView and also in the quick review mode (right after taking a picture). Can you confirm they work in quick review as well?

    For previous pictures (in PLAY mode), you have YUV-based overlays (not RAW) if you press the little Light button. Can you confirm this also works?

  11. Joachim Müller-Klink reporter

    Indeed, I expected to see zebra, peaking etc. on the optical viewfinder! I suggest that for newbies you should outline, that ML is only for those who use live view. After exposure I see focus peaking etc. in the quick review mode for a little while. In live view mode I can see the previous picture. When I push the light button, I can see a magnified crop of the current scene. When I look at the previous photo outside live view after pushing the play button and then I push the light button the display turns into black.

  12. Alex

    "I suggest that for newbies you should outline, that ML is only for those who use live view" -> it's not.

    "In live view mode I can see the previous picture" -> you can't, that's the quick review mode.

    Either you are confusing the buttons on the camera (the light button is not supposed to magnify anything), or ML is completely screwed up on 6D. Video, please.

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