Does not remeber Sticky HalfShutter after power cycle

Issue #2642 resolved
Former user created an issue

Does not remember Sticky HalfShutter after power cycle, is basically the issue. I dont know if it is intentional or not but i really would like to have them stick.

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  1. Alex

    There seems to be a valid use case for this, so let's fix it.

    Most likely, back then, we didn't have the Modified menu tab either, so if you forgot it on, it was hard to figure out why the half-shutter behaves in a strange way.

  2. Konstantin

    Jup i understand, it can be confusing when it is turned on. But it is quite useful if you are using clean HDMI but every time you have to go through the menu. At least to have it optional

  3. Alex

    For clean HDMI, it's best to expose to menu the AUTO_POWEROFF_PROHIBIT routine from powersave.c.

    I'm not sure if that works by reference counting or not (need to check). The behavior of AUTO_POWEROFF_PROLONG is well-known though, so that one might be a better choice.

    It's an easy coding task; I simply had no use for this feature yet.

  4. Konstantin

    But this is annoying if you have to switch between modes etc..But maybe i don't quite understand what you meant.

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