H.264 video recording, selected REC PicStyle not used -- only during first (initial) recorded file.

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On my 5D MkII, when initially turning on the camera,I press Record and create a video file (H.264 not raw). After looking at the log file (and the video footage) I have noticed that the chosen REC PicStyle was not used, instead it used whatever the (display) picture style was currently selected (i.e. it did not "toggle" over to the selected REC PicStyle when the RECORD button was pressed). But this only seems to happen to the very first video file that is recorded after the camera is initially powered ON. After the first recorded file is created, if I press Record to create another file and then make a second or third recorded file (etc), then for whatever reason the correct REC PicStyle is now selected and everything seems fine on each of the consecutive files. It has happened on every nightly build that I have tried in the past few months. Any thoughts?

Thanks, -- Marc

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