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Great work on New Magic lantern, I found latest few build have issue with "int left ext right". It only record internal mic left, however basically the int left right balance does record int left and ext right. Also missing the stereo ext and manually choosing int or ext, which is actually much better than having the auto detect. Cause the auto detect only detect the external mic during the boot up or you have to toggle the setting in the menu so to auto detect it again. Would like to have previous setting to able to choose stereo external (single mic setup, so dont have to post edit the sound) or external mic normal (for able use double mic setup so one channel is left and other channel is right).

The ability to do the sound check without having to record is a nice feature, just tip might want to write in user manual to set output gain to zero or make the config be standard zero because otherwise you would hear a slight hiss, and what you record you would hear no hiss. With set on Zero you would basically hear what you record.

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