RAW doesn't work (Canon 60D)

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Hello! Could you please tell me if it's a bug or I'm doing smth wrong? When I activated raw mode in Modules, rebooted, activated RAW video in Movie and pressed LiveView I got a strange picture which I attached and which was quite different from those I'd seen in ML tutorials. So now if I push any button includingLiveView (which is supposed to start recording as I understand) it simply throws me back to the ML menu/Movie and nothing else happens. How can I fix it? Thanks. Camera Canon 60D Firmware 1.1.1 MLNightly.2016December19.60D111 Changed different SD cards, now on the picture inside there's SanDisk 32 Gb 10 class 80 mb/s Also I changed resolution in Raw adjustments to make the speed of about 13 mb/s, still there was the same problem.

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  1. nikfreak

    You did it almost right. Just press the trash button again to close the ML menu. Afterwards feel free to press the REC button and recording will start.

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