ML on SD card can't access on PC

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Matt created an issue

I formatted the card and installed ML. I've taken several photos and videos using the card. Opened the SD card door on Canon 70D, waited for the LED to stop flashing then removed the card. When I insert the card in my card reader and try to access the folder, my file explorer freezes and I have to close the process. Thoughts or ideas?

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  1. Matt reporter

    The card does still work correctly with the camera. I was able to get a co-worker to access the card using a laptop loaded with Windows 7. Do you think there is an issue with file size and Windows 10? There is approximately 30 gigs of data on the card which is a 64GB Sandisk class 3 SDXC.

  2. Alex

    To exclude hardware issues, boot another operating system from a CD on your laptop and check it.

    No experience with recent Windows versions, sorry.

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