Missing type of Magic Zoom box (green bars, Split screen) - Canon 70D

Issue #2657 wontfix
Anonymous created an issue

Under Magic Zoom box I see from the manual that there should be a choice of which type of confirmation for correct focus. This type of choice is amiss from my Canon 70D.

Thanks for all your efforts


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  1. nikfreak

    The documentation doesn't cover 70D.

    70D misses LV_FOCUS_DATA property and therefore 70D doesn't support focus confirmation bars. For the moment you can only use the zooming feature of magic zoom but not the focus confirmation bars of the feature magic zoom.

  2. Alex

    Reverse engineer to find out how Canon code sends focus confirmation on this model. On older models, it's a property triggered very often in LiveView - PROP_LV_FOCUS_DATA.

    I had a 700D for some weeks, some years ago, but it wasn't obvious.

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