magiclantern-crop3x Q Button Bug

Issue #2661 new
Jonathan DeNicholas created an issue

Experimental Build Modules Enabled: crop_rec, file_man, raw_rec Raw video v1.1 (MLV Lite) ML on SD Card recording to CF ML Settings: Global Draw - On all modes FPS override 23.976 Exact FPS Crop mode 1:1 (centered x5 zoom) RAW Video 2560x1320, Aspect ratio 16:9, Bit depth 10, LV DIGIC peaking Slightly sharper Preferred card CF Zoom x10 Disable

Issue: Possibly in this order, Enable Crop mode 1:1 (centered x5 zoom), went to live, hit zoom, back to ML Menu enabled 2560x1320, Aspect ratio 16:9, Bit depth 10. Went back to live view hit Q button by mistake and live view went crazy. I was able to bring back live view by exiting the Q menu and then hitting the zoom button. All seems to be well after that but might be a minor issue worth investigating.

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