Deflick module: file naming convention should follow the Canon convention wrt/ colour space

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As i use the Adobe sRGB colour space, my pics are saved as "MG<number>.<extension>" instead of "IMG_<number>.<extension>". however the sidecar files (whether UFRaw or Adobe) seem to have a static prefix set to "IMG". Consequently they need to be renamed before doing anything with the images which i would rather not do.

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  1. Alex

    This module operates on raw data, not on JPEG, so I don't see much point in fixing this particular case (it's low priority).

    Still, there could be valid use cases, so feel free to reverse engineer it. One needs to find the property used by the color space setting (easy, using the prop spy tool) and probably integrate it in fileprefix.c somehow (probably by adding a new API to get the current image name). Returning a different (fake) file prefix will work for this case, but may break others (e.g. if some module wants to set the prefix and restore it later, you may end up with _MG for sRGB images as well).

  2. S reporter

    I don't understand the part about JPEG, what i am describing applies to raw.

    any chance the debug logs would allow the actual naming function to appear? i'll look into the reverse engineering bit.


  3. S reporter

    ok maybe i'm misunderstanding how this all works, but say you want to convert a .CR2 into a jpg, unless you have a sidecar file with the same name in the same folder, it won't be taken into account, correct?

    I also notice for the UFRaw format specifically, there is a help snippet that says the sidecar files need to have their extension converted from .UFR to .ufraw... could we not kill 2 birds with one stone and get the right file format for the sidecar files so there is no preparation step in the post-processing?

    of course these are minor issues but there seems to be an opportunity to make the workflow seamless, why not take it?

    Apologies if this is just rookie enthusiasm.

  4. Alex

    Yes, the sidecar must have the same name. But you can turn off the Adobe RGB setting; in this case, the filenames will match and the raw data from the CR2 will be the same. Unless you use Canon's JPEGs as the final output, I see no reason to turn on Adobe RGB in Canon menu.

    Most cameras don't support long file names, or do so only on certain filesystems. Oddly enough, the 5D2 appears to support them to some extent on FAT32, but newer models (including 5D3) don't. That's why the extension is .UFR.

    And figuring out which models support long names, and which don't, is not worth the effort IMO. Keeping short names will work on all models.

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