canon 100d/sl1 video by half shutter

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i am setting camera trap in the field , so i am using the passive infrared sensor to wake my sleeping camera ..i loaded ml to capture video for same aim...before loading ml my sl1 takes photo when you press shutter in video mode , after loading sl1 and setting the camera recording video by pressing the shutter , the motion activated (from shutter released input) camera cant decide to shoot video or photo , generally choses to take photo and i cant take video , many thanks...

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  1. nikfreak

    Motion Detect works best in photo mode (yellow marked) and does also take a picture for me being activated in video mode. Wouldn't call that a bug but maybe it's a good idea to block it completely in video mode and restrict it to photo mode only.

    REC key option set to halfshutter works without problems. Just tested myself. Starts and stops the recording as it should.

    if you are referring to something else then please post a video of the problem so I can understand it.

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