module "Magic Zoom" displays a flashing image of a different color

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Image flashes different colors!!!!! please fix it!!!

P.S.Camera Canon EOS 50D

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  1. Alex

    ML settings? (see Modified menu).

    How often it flashes?

    Does it happen in older builds? If so, which is the last good build?

    (sorry, no 50D here)

  2. Dennis Savenko

    DOuhj0piP2I.jpgconstantly flashing. it is a bug in all nightly builds. this is my 50D and this bug is presentKU0HHQi2JH0.jpg

  3. Alex

    Which builds have you actually tried? There are about 400 on the download page, I doubt you tried them all.

    Modified menu tab? (last one)

    Can other 50D owners confirm?

  4. Dennis Savenko

    I missed some of the firmware, but in future this bag attended. I do not know, I do not have friends with the 50D

  5. Dennis Savenko

    P.S. there is only a problem with this module "Magic Zoom". If you turn it off, then nothing does not blink. Only sometimes when shooting video comes one frame is green, but very rarely...and only one frame in each video... and sometimes some photos are damaged, but a very small amount.

    ...more problems I have not seen...

    I would be very happy if you've fixed it)

  6. Alex

    I find it unlikely to be caused just by Magic Zoom. If it were present in all the nightly builds, you would not be the only one with this problem (84000 downloads since 2013). So it's probably something related to your configuration.

    My suggestions:

    • make a copy of your current settings (ML card contents)
    • reset both Canon and ML settings to defaults
    • if that fixes the issue, re-enable your other settings one by one to find the culprit
    • if that doesn't fix the issue, try older builds, all the way back to 2013 (on the nightly page) or even older (there are a few old builds here on Bitbucket), then find the last good build.
  7. Dennis Savenko

    I tried to reset all settings, reinstall the firmware(and tried to install the latest firmware) to disable the modules ... screen flashes only in the Magic Zoom in modes Av,Tv,P....

    P.S. not blinking only in M mode!

  8. Alex

    Link please; also revisit my suggestions.

    I don't have a 50D, so "a lot of time has passed" wasn't helpful.

  9. Alex

    Again, none of these are related to your issue. Some flicker at certain settings (such as 720p) is one thing, green color is a totally different issue.

  10. alessandro profiti

    Reproduced with 2017-09-30 Nightly. Magic Zoom windows flicker and sometimes LV is rendered with false colors.

    Is present also in 2018-02-24 lua_fix build.

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