70D crashing and can't turn on

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Hi My 70D had some freeze on video position, in recording or just in the live view. with all modules disable it was the same, after 1 or 2 minutes in vidéo mode it's crashing

after freeze : crashing : with or without the battery and with or without the card. no possibility to turn on. after 30 minutes, that come back

but now, it definitively die, no possibility to turn on during the last 24 hours (test with 2 full batterys ) with or without a formated card ect....

any solution for turn on my dslr ?? without ML it's possible

sorry for my english, thanks for your time

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  1. neige

    Hi alex thanks for your reply

    the camera can't start.... with or without ML But (if possible) if i have a way to start my camera, i prefere without ML, for be sure my probleme don't come back again. but my priority for this moment is juste to can turn on my 70d :(

    thanks ++

  2. neige

    sorry i'm late, i was to work

    i had ever autoexec.bin in my main-menu card, i tested with ML on my card and i tested with just autoexec.bin on a just-formated card : nothing.., can't turn on, no sign of life.


  3. Walter Schulz

    You need the card to be bootable. Otherwise Autoexec.bin will not get loaded.

    Use MacBoot (OS X) or EOScard (Windows) to make card bootable. Then copy/overwrite Autoexec.bin with diagnostic autoexec.bin. Report back.

  4. neige

    Hi Walter Schulz thanks for your reply

    i tri it tomorrow. i have to sleep now thanks for your help ++

  5. neige

    ok so i have downloaded EOScard and make the procedure on a formated FAT32 2Go CARD. But my camera stay like "die" so impossible for me to give you any report :(

    sorry for my english, i think i give a bad explain of the situation :

    camera is like die, when i introduce a battery 100% full, that make nothing, no red light for SD card i can't switch on, that make nothing, no red light, no reponse, the tactile screen make nothing and the screen at the top make nothing too. if a conect the USB cable, that make nothing on my DSLR and on my PC. sur no possibility to take a photo.

    i go to a photo-store tomorow, i send the 70D to Canon for reparation, if they can turn on...i hope... and i will ask what going on and a report. i will give you the report, hope that will can help anything after me

    thanks for your time and your help, i will give you any news ++

  6. Walter Schulz

    You have to replace autoexec.bin with the diagnostic (Display Test) Autoexec.bin. After that:

    1. Remove battery
    2. Insert card and close compartment door
    3. Insert battery and close compartment door.

    -> Do you have a diagnostic message on the screen now?

  7. neige

    Hi Walter

    No screen message, nothing on screen at all,no reponse, no red light "sd card",

    juste a amazing think : if i turn to on, and wait a little, nothing happened but the batterie become totally empty

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