Problems in a 50d

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Daniel created an issue

I "wear" ML in a 50D,version 109

The first problem is that it displays a message saying Error loading"ML/MODULES/50D_109.sym":file does not exist The menu is acting normal,but there's this message down the screen.

Problem 2. I'm not a videographer, i am just a photographer, and i'm taking my first steps with video.Is possible that some of the settings are not well configured. The issue is that the camera seems to record video well, seeing thru the screen,but when i download the file in my pc, the image stops every2 seconds,like when a video is not buffering well.(normal settings - iso 100, f2,8,60shutter,camera filming set at 30fps) I apreciate if sombebody can help me. Thank you anticipately.

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  1. Alex
    1. make sure the file is there (copy all ML files on the card or reinstall from scratch)

    2. try a different video player (e.g. VLC)

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