Latest Build: 2017-03-12 bug - 5D Mark III 123 Canon Firmware Version: 1.2.3

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I reported this issue previously in the last 2 versions I believe. I set camera to Photomode, Silent Full Res DNG with half shutter press.

I get "Raw error, falling back to YUV overlays." after taking a picture in liveview.


Cheers Denis

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  1. denis


    I would like to make a suggestion. Perhaps before each version is released for the 5dmkiii, that issues that have not been resolved could be tested.

    I am willing to help with testing of "Photomode, Silent Full Res DNG with half shutter press" for future versions but not sure what the process is to put my hand up for testing. my email is if there is a register of testers.

    cheers Denis

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