April fool's prank for pros

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Jordan Becker created an issue

I work at night on weekends, and today was the transition between the last day of March and the first of April.


I was a bit confused when I saw the "blue screen of the death" on my camera. I needed to take a picture right now, did not have time to read and I immediately restarted the camera by removing the battery (because every button is unresponsive, even the power switch). Took my picture and had the blue screen again later. This time I took time to read. While it made me smile after reading it, it was really not pro at all to have my camera failing on me just when I'm with customers. Second, it's not THAT obvious that in order to get rid of the aprils fool prank, you actually have to open ML settings before the issue appears (because well, every button would be unresponsive then).

I don't know what you think guys, but I have mixed feelings regarding this joke, and while I like jokes, I usually don't like when they interfere with critical moments at work.

Could you imagine the same kind of joke for an airline pilot? The flight computer blue screens and tells there is a fatal error? Not funny, I guess...

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