Blue screen on 6D

Issue #2697 resolved
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After 15 months of reliable use, ML now causes my 6D to brick.

Error msg: Stop 0x000000aa (8x1000af22, 8xdeadbeef, 8xffff) Physical memory dump complete. Your camera is bricked.

I use dual_ISO & ETTR modules. After removing battery to switch off, the problem occurs after a few minutes.

Build info: 2016Dec19 6D116 ML ver 2016-12-19 00.36.22 Mercurial changeset 4f72a0eabb16

As I lost a day's shooting, I'd prefer the problem to be identified rather than applying latest build & crossing my fingers. Please let me know if you need the physical memory dump it made.

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  1. Paul Mugleston

    I see I'm anonymous in Bitbucket, but it's my Bug report above. My email is

  2. Paul Mugleston

    Am I right in thinking this was an April Fool's joke? If so, I'm not impressed or laughing. As I'm still unable to use my camera, will it sort itself tomorrow?

  3. Sheldon Charron

    I am in the same situation. No problem for years on my 6D with ML. Today, my 6D is bricked.

  4. Ian Nicholson

    This is a crazy attempt at humour by the ML team. Simply set the date on your camera to 2nd April to make it go away. Your camera is not bricked.

  5. Licaon Kter

    Do update to 2017-03-30, this was removed already (for not working reliably of all things).

    /close as fixed

  6. Paul Mugleston

    I did try booting without ML by pressing Set when switching on & it still didn't prevent the Stop screen coming on. It ruined an afternoon's shooting for me but I've now upgraded the firmware it seems fine.

  7. Konstantin

    Hi all,

    After a blue screen yesterday, I have done the dummiest thing simply to erase all ML files from the card.

    So my 6D is dead now, please help!


    I solved my probem, after return to same battery and using other SD card

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