Bricked 6D. Is this an April Fools joke? I hope so. :)

Issue #2698 resolved
Sheldon Charron created an issue

Like someone else here today, after several years of reliable magic lantern use (thank you!) I tried to use my camera today to film so BTS drone operation, and the camera is bricked with the blue screen of death. Any suggestions? I am hoping this can be fixed ASAP.

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  1. Ian Nicholson

    It is - just set your camera's date to 2nd April and it will go away.

    This is a juvenile attempt at humour. As much as I appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in creating ML, this silliness just damages their credibility.

  2. Sheldon Charron reporter

    FYI I formatted the card. Took a few times but got it working, but will probably never use the camera again.

  3. Licaon Kter

    Do update to 2017-03-30, this was removed already (for not working reliably of all things).

    /close as fixed

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