Blue screen on 700D after months of good working

Issue #2699 resolved
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Hi, I used for months ML on a 700D with 2 cards, everything was fine, great improvements I could made to my films. On April 1, suddenly appeared a bluescreen I attach here, and from that I can't use my 700D, after restart it appears again in 1-2 minutes. Still not tried to use the machine without ML. This issue appears with both cards. I also attach all the logs found on the card.BLUESCREEN

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  1. Licaon Kter

    Did you bother to read the other issues around here?

    Do update to 2017-03-30, this was removed already (for not working reliably of all things).

    FYI, search for "magic lantern april 1 joke"

    /close as fixed

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