Formatting card loses crop marks

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Formatting a card on the 50D saves all ML-related files, does the format, and then restores them--nice! But in recent versions the CROPMKS directory seems to be missed. This dates back at least to the 2016-12-29 version.

Reproduce by: create an ML card with an ML/CROPMKS directory and at least one crop marks file. Reformat the card in the camera. Power the camera off and on; note that ML complains about the missing directory. Mount the CF card in a reader to see that the CROPMKS directory has disappeared.

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  1. Alex

    Works fine on 5D3. Can other testers confirm on other cameras?

    Could it be related to the 50D not being able to restart after format?

  2. alessandro profiti

    Tested with 2017-09-30 Nightly. Unable to reproduce. I can find cropmarks folder and is correctly applied in LV.

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