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Starting with magiclantern-Nightly.2017Jan13.6D116 the Auto ETTR module does not trigger, I can confirm AETTR triggering properly for magiclantern-Nightly.2016Dec19.6D116

I've reinstalled ML, started the camera to only select the ettr module to load, restarted the camera to load the module: No trigger mode triggers AETTR.

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  1. Paul Mugleston

    I've had something similar... I was happy with magiclantern-Nightly.2016Dec19.6D until the "joke" on April 1. I changed to magiclantern-Nightly.2017Mar30.6D but now the get the following intermittent fault on ETTR (Snap mode). Supposing the ideal shutter is 1/200 sec to achieve ETTR. My 1st shot is say 1/16 sec, AutoETTR takes another exposure at 1/2000 sec, the camera sets itself to 1/200 sec but doesn't take a shot. I notice the fault & take a shot at 1/200 sec to get ETTR. When it occurs, the AutoETTR process stops at either 1/2000 or 1/4000 sec & doesn't take the final shot. I'd say 25% of my AutoETTR shots happen like this since the firmware upgrade. I know I can go back to 2016Dec19 build & be aware of April 1, but thought I'd report it to get your opinion. No error messages shown. It's just the AutoETTR process starts but doesn't complete. The module shows it's loading OK. No advanced settings have been altered from the earlier (working) version. Keep up the good work. Regards Paul

  2. Paul Mugleston

    Not sure what you are asking for. Take a phone shot of my 6D back? If so, which menus do you want to see? I'm certain that the settings are identical between both firmware versions as I only ever use 2 modules: AutoETTR & DualISO & there's not much to change beyond Snap & .5EV setting. DualISO is virtually always switched off BTW, so the issue is with AutoETTR I believe.

  3. Alex

    The settings are easy to get from config files; I'm interested in seeing the test scene (its histogram) and the actual camera behavior.

  4. Paul Mugleston

    OK. I've taken a few shots & it's still misbehaving:
    Shot 1 1/200, AutoETTR took another at 1/640 then stopped. No msg saying AutoETTR settled at 1/640 & image overexposed according to histogram. Camera set itself to 1/4000. I fired this manually to get ETTR. Another series: Shot 1 1/200, AutoETTR took another at 1/4000. No screen msg saying AutoETTR settled at 1/4000 & image underexposed according to histogram . Camera set to 1/2000 but didn't auto fire. How can I get these config files off the camera & into Bitbucket?

  5. Sandra

    AETTR triggers correctly in both versions mentioned by the issue opener, I've also tested the latest version as of today magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul03.6D116 which triggers in all trigger modes.

    First I thought I have the same problem as initially reported and then I've tested reproducing the issue with both versions and saw the hint Auto ETTR only works in M, BULB and RAW MOVIE modes. I can confirm version magiclantern-Nightly.2016Dec19.6D116 AETTR does also trigger in e.g. AV-mode, with version magiclantern-Nightly.2017Jan13.6D116 Auto ETTR is grayed out in AV-mode and becomes visible with e.g. M-mode and will trigger in it.

    @pxm789 I can't reproduce your issue with the latest version. Here I get the message Camera settled at [...] and a triggered shot with all updated settings, both with or without the link to DualISO. As far as file uploads, you should be able to attach files to this issue with the button Attach on top of this site.

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