Can't change aperture while recording

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I can't change aperture while recording. Before I start recording I can change everything, once I start recording the aperture is locked. I can still change ISO and shutter but not aperture.


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  1. ulrik_k

    Sorry, this is not a Magic Lantern bug. Seems like it's something wrong with my camera. I just uninstalled Magic Lantern and still have the same problem. It's weird because I haven't had this problem before and I don't thing there is a setting I might have changed by mistake that caused this.

  2. ulrik_k

    I solved it now, found the solution in another forum. There was a setting anyway. I had to set Autofucus/Drive to Normal in Custom Function Settings.

    I don't know, maybe you want to delete this whole post since it's clearly not a Magic Lantern bug.

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