Loading Magic Lantern on a 7D

Issue #2723 resolved
Bruce Rutherford created an issue

I have followed all the instructions and redone every step at least 6 times and when I start the camera and click on "Firmware Ver. 2.0.3" it says "Memory card containing firmware is required to update" so I click "OK" and it just goes back to the "Firmware Ver. 2.0.3"

It won't load.

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  1. Bruce Rutherford reporter

    Yes I added that one after the second failed attempt. I had Magic Lantern on my camera until my CF Card died last week and thus I loaded it on another card and now I'm stuck.


  2. Walter Schulz

    Format card in cardreader. Format card in cam Copy extracted nightly build content to card. Retry and report

  3. Bruce Rutherford reporter

    Downloaded the PEL.HU - EOScard to my computer and followed the instructions at http://pel.hu/eoscard/ to make my card bootable and it worked like a charm. I have two cards with Magic Lantern on them now.


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