Display on 1200d is not showing any picture while in filming mode

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I recently install the ML on my Canon 1200d. It works fine so far. The only problem that I discovered is that the display does not show any pictures in the filming mode. That means I can not see what I am recording. That is a very big issue to me. If it can't be fixed very soon, I will have to return to the original firmware again. Because I have an important shoot soon.

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  1. Alex

    Try renaming the ML/SETTINGS directory on the card - this will reset ML to defaults and will also save a copy of the (possibly bad) config file. Does it help?

    Otherwise, does it help if you clear Canon settings?

    If not, can you record a video of the camera screen, showing the issue?

  2. bruno

    I do not know why this anonymous programmer did not pass the source code for you to analyze. I'll try to contact him to see if we can find out.

  3. bruno

    Hello true fear is not using a reliable source anymore use an unknown source, believing that the user who bought a canon T5 / 1200d did not buy a canon t5i due to being more expensive the price, and soon realized that using a suspicious source may cause serious problems in the camera of who is installed, I posted this link because I did a test of raw recording and turned by slow but I believe it to be my memory card that records at 20mb / s , I believe if I put a card that writes in at least 95mb / s would solve my problem. But the truth is that I intend to buy a Canon T5i and install the version of Magic Lantern that is already okay than risking using this one for canon 1200d and taking the risk of damaging my camera for once. But if you can finish the magic lantern and leave it without bugs for the t5 / 1200d canon, I'll be able to use it again. Unfortunately if every user and programmer of the Canon T5 / 1200d if they were united all users of Canon 1200d would benefit, unfortunately not everyone thinks that way.

    The world is dominated by evil the devil, may God help us !!

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