ML Crashed while recording

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I forgot the error code it was giving but I'm including the crash and logs all that was in my SD Card.

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  1. SahilShah223

    No, It happens while I was running ML, I just pressed record button and it gave an error. Can you please tell me your email or mail me on, As I don't use this website regularly and I'm not so tech savvy so all this site is sort of alienish to me.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

  2. Alex

    Can you upload your ML/SETTINGS directory and describe the steps to reproduce the error, so other 700D owners can try it?

    I don't have a 700D, so moving the conversation in private will not be very helpful.

  3. SahilShah223

    Steps are -

    1. Put the camera in video mode.
    2. And I pressed the record button.

    I was using it normally as we use it to record video. The error was asking me to switch off the camera and if this doesn't solve the problem it was asking to remove the battery.

  4. Alex

    Found what DOS is - Display Sensor. What are your settings regarding this device? Does it help disabling it from Canon menu?

    Does it help if you reset Canon and ML settings to default?

    cc @daniel_fort

  5. SahilShah223

    I Don't know it just happened yesterday, I recorded some footages today also but without any error.

    I didn't reset any settings to default, the error just stopped.

  6. Alex

    That's why I've asked you how to reproduce the error (that is, get the error almost every time you do the test action).

  7. SahilShah223

    Like I told you I was just recording video by putting camera in video mode.

    Then whenever​ I pressed the record button it showed an error.

    But today it isn't showing any errors while recording and I didn't change any settings too.

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