Canon 600D heating to 52 degree and more

Issue #2736 duplicate
Surya Fernandes created an issue

Hi, I just wanted to know if this is a known issue with the build or is it a bug?

my camera seems to be heating to 52 degree and more sometimes, it was fine on earlier builds. this is the new build magiclantern-Nightly.2017Jun17.600D102.

please let me know what can be done. thanks

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  1. Alex

    Proof, please, that newer builds are heating more than older ones under the same conditions (settings, usage pattern, ambient temperature).

  2. Surya Fernandes reporter

    I did the same thing with an older build, it did go upto 53 degree, but it took longer, i.e took more time for the temperature to rise to 53 degree as compared to the newer build. Previous build that i use/just tested on : magiclantern-Nightly.2016Aug24.600D102

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