50D battery problem

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Gedeon Taylor created an issue

Dear Developer/s,

I found an issue when I installed the latest ML firmware onto my camera. (2017.07.02, still there in the latest build!) When I hit record in live view mode after 2 minutes my battery starts draining very fast and dies, I bought a new battery even and it draining very rapidly too. I don't know if that is a known issue or not, but hope it helped, btw ML is awesome, you know that!

Hope my words are correct and you can understand,


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  1. Gedeon Taylor reporter

    I know I know.. I thought just that you might missed the title, I'm sorry for the bad wording!

  2. Gedeon Taylor reporter

    Oh yea I tried, it worked for the first time after uninstalling ML, but after that it does not, still drain battery pretty fast in live view, that is a normal thing and I'm a noob? :D

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