fixme: please use fio_malloc (in mlv_play_task)

Issue #2750 resolved
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Hi can some one help me? Im on a Canon 5D mark III got a message when shooting in 1280X720 in Canon menu and 1280X432. No problem at recording but when i playback the file in Mlv player :

fixme: please use fio_malloc (in mlv_play_task)
This message is written many time on the screen, sometime red light is flashing in the same time and screen is flickering.

Help please! there was no problem with the older version.... :( Modify message

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  1. Rafael Fu

    Same here. Trying to record 2:35 for more than a minute. I screwed up a project because of this :(

  2. chrismcc1988

    I'm having the same issue. I'm noticing that I only get it when i try and record more than 10 secs with 60fps Canon 7d Anything 10 secs or less & I'm fine with 60fps Anything over 10 secs in 60fps i get the error "fixme: please use fio_malloc (in mlv play task)" when I try to play back

  3. David Milligan

    It's a bad idea to use an older build to work around this issue, since the warning is due to a fix for a file IO bug that could cause data corruption. The warning is there because there needs to be a full proper fix done. Previous builds don't show the warning, but that's because the bug was unknown. With the newer builds, at least there's no possibility of data corruption from this bug.

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