Error message and crash during motion detect

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Christoph Puetz created an issue

I use a EOS500d with ML 2017July03500D111 nightly build. While using the MotionDetect Feature with frame difference and large scan area I get an error and crash report in order to send to ML developers. Please find the logs and crash files here. Firmware is Canon Version 1.1.1 as requested.

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  1. Christoph Puetz reporter

    Its better - the camera does not stop anymore. But I find another crash.log on the SD card.

  2. Christoph Puetz reporter

    I think I have to correct myself. The camera still seems to turn off, but I cannot clearly reproduce the circumstances when tis happens. It seems to happen, when the cam detects a motion OR (maybe) some powersave function is active. I will upload further logs.

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