Error 70 on my Canon 60D

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andkNorway created an issue

Hi there. I have a problem with my Canon 60D, I am a begynner with cameras and I wonder if I can get any help here. My camera shows error 70! Where should I start? Any help is very much appreciated.

greetings from Norway :)

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  1. Yannick McCabe-Costa

    If it helps, I'm from the UK and haven't experienced this before, however am on holiday in Vegas, where it's warm, and I've had issues with cameras here before so could be Temperature/Humidity related? Also, if it helps, not using Original batteries, they're third-party.

  2. Alex

    Out of memory, from a Canon task that probably indexes the photos from the card. However, it tried to allocate 20.522.566 bytes (20MB) from the general-purpose memory (limited to a few MB), which is not normal - it might indicate a severe ML bug.

    If reproducible (likely, as the above magic number is in both logs), you could create an exact copy of the card contents (a SD card image) and run the firmware in QEMU using that card image (howto).

    Formatting the card will clear the issue, but we'll no longer have a way to reproduce it.

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