7D: Liveview in EOS Utility not working when RAW/MLV enabled

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Walter Schulz created an issue

Start EOS Utility v2 (only one tested) and connect 7D in video mode via USB. With MLV/MLV Lite/RAW recording set to OFF LV option in EOS Utility works. With MLV/MLV Lite/RAW recording set to ON nothting happens after hitting LV button in EOS Utility. Tested with latest nightly build (01.Aug.2017) and build 28.Apr.2016.

Will - most likely - also effect other remote control programs/apps working via USB.

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  1. Chris

    Hi, has anyone worked out a solution to this? I am prepared to pay a bit of money to solve it if its possible :)

  2. Alex

    I need to install a Windows VM to run EOS utility and reproduce this (that's why it usually goes to the back burner on my side)

    It might even be a limitation from Canon code. To test, call this from don't click me:

    call("lv_save_raw", 1)

    If that doesn't work, the solution is very hard - http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=19336

    and even after reworking the raw backend like that, I'm unable to guarantee it will work...

  3. Chris

    Thanks for your reply :) I am not by my camera this week but will do what you said next week. What will that function do when I select it?

  4. Alex

    It enables Canon's raw mode in LiveView without anything else (and without other ML code being aware of it).

  5. Walter Schulz reporter

    Just to make sure about proper code location:

    Source/src/debug.c line 288 - 290

    static void run_test()
    call("lv_save_raw", 1)


  6. Chris

    Sorry I'm a bit confused. Are you wanting me to change some code? I have never written code for a device before, so I wouldn't know where to start. Sorry

  7. Walter Schulz reporter

    Sorry, this question is meant to be answered by a1ex (or any other person knowing the correct location). Should have mentioned that, of course.

    But, yes, this test will only work after edited (at the right place) and compiled. I'm not a programmer either but there are some "How-to-setup-a-development machine" instructions in ML forums and they are pretty easy to follow. And don't worry, I will run this test and report results.

  8. Alex

    Yes, the location is correct.

    I usually add a msleep(2000) before it, and maybe also a LED blink or a beep, just to make it easier to see the reaction. By default, this function runs as soon as ML menu is closed, so it's a bit hard to interpret the outcome without these.

    Something like this:

    static void run_test()
        call("lv_save_raw", 1)
  9. Walter Schulz reporter

    2 questions: 1) Missing ";" in call("lv_save_raw", 1)? Got an error from compiler and changed to call("lv_save_raw", 1);

    2) No idea which environment to use with "Don't click me" and what to expect. - Modules to load? - Photomode with/without LV or movie mode? - USB connection after running Don't click me? A positive result would look like?

  10. Alex

    Positive result = image working on EOS utility after calling this (absence of this bug, whatever it is).

    Start with default configuration, no modules loaded, global draw off. In photo mode, ML may enable Canon's raw backend when it needs raw overlays - if these are off, LiveView is left in its default state. Try a few modes and see if it changes anything.

  11. Walter Schulz reporter

    Doesn't look good: Video-mode, Global Draw OFF, no modules loaded. USB connected, LV visible in EOS-Utility. After "Don't click me" EOS Utility shows frozen screen and -after restarting EOS Utility LV option is greyed out.

  12. Chris

    Hi Alex, sorry I didn't really understand what you were saying in your first reply. I don't do this kind of development. What I gathered from what you were saying was that if running that function doesn't work then it will be difficult to get the camera to use liveview through USB while using the MLV recording module. But other than that I don't really understand the ins and outs of how Magic Lantern works. Thanks for your help though I really appreciate your pointers.

  13. Walter Schulz reporter

    No, that's not what he wrote. At the moment and after first test result is in you may want to look for other capture options because 7D won't work this way. Either switch to another cam or capture via HDMI.

    @a1ex: My 650D shows LV capture in EOS Utility with mlv_rec/mlv_lite ON. Used unified and dfort's crop_4k build. Does this help to corner the bug?

  14. Alex

    Cameras starting with 60D have the LiveView implementation completely rewritten (on Canon's side), so... I'm afraid it's not relevant. Other models likely with the same issue (not tested): 5D2, 50D, 500D, 550D, and also 450D, 40D, 1000D. On the latter (VxWorks) models, this feature is not implemented, but the issue is likely to be the same, if it were (as their LiveView implementation from Canon is very similar).

  15. Chris

    Thanks guys for really trying to solve this. I have thought about buying another camera that maybe works better for this, but I am not sure what models work well. I don't have a lot of money so 5D mark iii is not an option. The 700D looks like a fair priced model, but I am not sure of the resolution/bit depth/fps that is possible from it with ML in RAW.

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